Transportation to downtown Manhattan: Take the Hoboken 9th St/Congress Light Rail and transfer to the Hoboken Path; estimated time 20-28 minutes. The Light Rail station Is a short walk from 155A Sherman Ave. and Bowers St.

Transportation to Jersey City downtown, Go to the same Light Rail station, the Hoboken 9th St station.

Transportation to Midtown Manhattan: Bus 123. Take it on Palisades and Bowers. Or Bus 119 can be picked up at Central and Bowers Streets. It takes 27-28 minutes at the AM rush hour to get to the Port Authority terminal. Or you can go by the Light Rail and the PATH train to 33 St., with stops along the way, in Manhattan. 

To Hoboken: Walk to Light Rail and take the elevator down. You will be on the west side of Hoboken. It is a 5 min walk from the apartment.. To go downtown Hoboken take the Light Rail (4 min), or walk 25 minutes from the apartment or take Bus 87 at Palisades Avenue.