Apartment Work Order
Date of Request:      
Apartment #:      
Requested By:      
Phone #:      
Description of Work Needing to be Done:      
  I will be at the apartment when the work will be done  
  I might not be able to be at the apartment when the job is done however I authorize entry into the apartment to perform the maintenance repairs listed above in my absence.    
Billable Items
Clogged Drain or Toilet Floor Damage
Locks Moved or Added Wall Damage
Other: Please specify:  
Non-Billable Items
Roof Leak Electric
Plumbing Leak Heat
Other: Please specify:  
Handyman: $45 first half-hour, $15 every half-hour thereafter
After-hours might charge doubletime. **Rates do not include materials.
Plumber: We pass the bill along according to the job done
Work Completed? Yes No
Date Completed      
Landlord Use Only
  Type Of Work Done
  By Whom
  Paid By: Tenant Landlord
  Amount of Bill
  Unable To Complete Work On


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